photo-Emily Miller

The Larry McPeak Tribute Band

Larry's Songbook



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Mike McPeak (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Adam McPeak (mandolin)
Johnny Williams (lead & rhythm guitar, vocals)
Steve Chrisley (banjo)
Jeanette Williams (bass, vocals)
Nikki Wright (fiddle, vocals)


Dry Run Creek
If You Don't Have the Heart
What a Wonderful Time
Chilly Winds
Nothing to Live For
Old Broken Tree
Humble Man
Midnight Lady


                I was thrilled to learn that someone had decided to do a tribute project to the late Larry McPeak. I was even more excited to learn that Johnny Williams and Mike McPeak were the ones behind the idea. I knew it would be first class. When I listened to the project, I wasn't disappointed. Larry McPeak was a great songwriter, but more than that, he was also a great person. I consider it an honor to have called Larry my friend. Johnny and Mike have dug deep into Larry's vast catalog of songs and found some real diamonds. These songs, though maybe not as well-known as some of Larry's, are classic Larry McPeak. Well-written stories of life that we can all relate to. And having the McPeak family involved in the project truly gives the project the "McPeak sound".  I tried to pick out a few songs that I thought I could talk about. But in the end, I couldn't. I love them all. The songs are great. The musicians are fantastic, and the entire project is exceptional. So, play start to finish. I know that somewhere Larry is looking down and smiling that smile.......Hey Johnny...Mike, how about a Volume 2? I love sequels.

Tim Frye WPAQ , Mt Airy NC & WBRF, Galax, VA