The Mayfield Brothers

Born and raised on the Green Valley Ranch near Dawn Texas in 1926,
Thomas Edward "Edd" Mayfield and his brothers Herb and Smokey were among the first musicians on the plains of West Texas to embrace this basically eastern mountain-born bluegrass music. Like many others in the region, they gained a heightened awareness of the outside world with the introduction of the radio.

In 1950 or '51, Edd received a message to call Bill Monroe. Monroe, remembering Edd's singing and playing skills, had called to offer him a job in his band. It was a terrible dilemma for the group, but after some discussion they decided that Edd should not pass up this opportunity. This was to be the first of three stints for Edd under Monroe's tutelage.

I'm Knockin' On Your Door * Arizona Moon * Midnight Ramble *
When You Go, Don't Write to Me * Poison Love * Cotton Eyed Joe *
The Old Hometown * Mother Was Called Away *
Lonely Heart Blues * My One and Own
High Plains Breakdown *
On and On * Rocky Mountain Goat *
Just a Little Talk With Jesus * Pardon My Whiskers
Sawing on the Strings * Bill Cheatham * Holiday for Love
Black Mountain Rag * Where Could I Go But to the Lord *
I Have Found the Way

Edd Mayfield  Herb Mayfield  Smokey Mayfield  
Raeford Shirley  Delmar Shirley  George Green  Reuben Mayfield

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Six of the songs on this CD were originally recorded at Norman Petty's studio in Clovis, New Mexico circa 1955-56 (Poison Love, The Old Hometown, Mother Was Called Away, Why You Go Don't Write to Me, Lonely Heart Blues, Pardon My Whiskers While I Kiss You Goodnight). The remaining material presented here was recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder in the living room of Lorena Curtis, sister of the Mayfield Brothers, between 1948 and 1956.