Barbara Bamberger Scott is a North Carolinian by way of England, Spain, Kenya, Botswana, Sweden and the Dominican Republic. She started singing rather loudly at age six and latched onto folk music in her early teens. She had the good fortune to apprentice and record with the great song-carriers Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl in London, and to partner with Tom Paley, who took her to Sweden to learn the magic of Swedish fiddle music. She delved into the secrets of Scots ballad singing with Sheila Stewart of Blairgowie and picked up the sounds of "cante hondo" somewhere south of Granada. When she came back to the States in 1994 she put down the fiddle and picked up the pen, writing books, book reviews, and many evocative songs in the folk idiom with her bluegrass musician husband Donnie "Dobro" Scott. She still sings in the shower, and at occasional campfires.


Rock's Hard and the River's Wet *As I Roved Out * Otto Wood the Bandit *
Roustabout * Rock That Cradle Joe * Rigs of Rye * You've Been a Friend
Wandering in the World * Cool Of the Day * False Love Won Back
Jemmy Taylor-O * Damned Old Piney Mountains * Peggy Gordon *
Lakes of Ponchartrain / Green Fields of Ross Beigh / Ferghal O'gara *
Goodbye Monday Blues * Roros Polska * Green and Rolling Hills of West Virginia


Barbara Bamberger Scott
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