Bryan Bowers Band photo courtesy of: Marc Blake


Bryan Bowers Band



 Woodland Dream

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Bryan Bowers: autoharp, mandolincello, guitar, vocals

Danny Knicely: mandolincello, mandolin, guitar, vocals

Geoff Goodhue: mandolin, guitar, vocals


The Man Who Stole the Water (Well Well Well)
Too Old to Die Young
Pirates Night Out
Sitting on Top of the World
Patty Ann
Dem Deer
Cluck Ol’ Hen
Hey Boys
Parting Glass
High on a Mountain
A Place in the Heart
Woodland Dream
Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Gold Watch and Chain



I am now firmly ensconced in my “golden years” and, if logic were to prevail, there would be no way that I would be bandmates with two young genius musicians who against all odds find merit in my junkyard dog approach.

Bryan Bowers


There are those of us who’ve had the privilege of knowing Bryan Bowers since the early 70’s. We know him as an autoharp master, singer of songs, teller of tales (some short, some…), wooer of women, friend, brother, and solo performer extraordinaire. Now we have another side of the coin with the Bryan Bowers Band. A trio, Bryan’s voice is beautifully “framed” surrounded by the voices of Danny Knicely and Geoff Goodhue. The vocal blend is unique, the kind you don’t often hear, and the songs selected for “Woodland Dream”, moving and soulful.

While mainly a vocal group their instrumental blend features Bryan in a new light we haven’t heard before. He is playing mandocello, guitar, and of course autoharp, blending with Danny on mandolin, mandocello and guitar and Geoff joining on guitar and mandolin, both being masterful musicians themselves. Be it instrumentals, song, or a cappella vocal trios, this music is from the heart, done for all the right reasons… simply put, it’s obvious these guys love playing and singing together.

Sam Bush