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If ever there was a modern bluegrass band worthy of note as both a leader in innovation and a transmitter of tradition, it would be the Country Gentlemen.  They naturally and seamlessly fused those two paths, doing so with a contagious enthusiasm and high-level musical excellence that greatly increased the size and spectrum of the bluegrass fan base and inspired countless musicians' hearts and minds to stretch.  Without a doubt, the Gents impacted the entire bluegrass genre while catching the ears of folk, country, rock'n'roll and pop fans too.  

...And if ever there was any single bluegrass band today with the most respect for that iconic group's sound, it would be the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band, who are carrying on that tradition in the same spirit of high standards and expansive inclusiveness.   

For some years now the Tribute Band have devoted their outstanding talents to maintaining and enlivening the legacy of the Country Gentlemen, with an emphasis on the lead-vocal style of the late Charlie Waller.  The impact of the Gents sound through the years is still pervasive in bluegrass music, yet no single group except the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band has so devoted itself to pursuing the continuation of that heritage.   

Even so, the Tribute Band also sources songs never performed or recorded by the Gents, and they have comfortably managed to sync it all into a compatible whole; it's clear that these other songs they have chosen for this project are an excellent fit with the mid-period Gents songs included -- a worthy accomplishment indeed.  

There's no doubt that the many fans of the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band are trusting that they will long continue their fine musical work, since audiences are certain to be clamoring for much, much more. 

Mattha & Eddie Adcock


The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band

Yesterday and Tomorrow






The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band
Yesterday and Tomorrow
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Mike Phipps - guitar & vocals
David Propst – mandolin & vocals
Lynwood Lunsford – banjo & vocals
Darren Beachley – dobro & vocals
Geoff Gay – dobro & vocals
Eric Troutman – bass & vocals
Bill Yates – recitation
Rick Briggs – banjo & vocals
Mark Clifton – dobro
Tom Mindte – bass vocal


Special thanks to George Hodgkiss at Phoenix Recording Studio, Browntown, VA for providing the tracks, including the Bill Yates recitation, for "Legend of the Dogwood Tree"

Miner's Child
A Fool Such As I
Mountains and Memories
(Ghost) Riders in the Sky
Appalachia 1975
One Tin Soldier
How Great Thou Art
Teach Your Children
Misty Mountain Rain
God's Coloring Book
Sea of Heartbreak
The Eddie Swing
You Can't Go Home (Charlie's Lament)
Legend of the Dogwood Tree

 Long live the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band!!   They keep alive the music of the late Charlie Waller and the Country Gentlemen.  Not just the many songs made famous by that group, but the musical style of the group: not quite traditional bluegrass, not quite newgrass, but a contemporary blending of influences, played and sung with skill and an attitude.  That attitude is on display here on this CD, where they add their own choice of material within the style of the Gents.  I was privileged to be part of the first “Classic” configuration of the Country Gentlemen in the 1960s.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that we changed the genre.  The influence of pioneer Gents John Duffey, Charlie Waller, Eddie Adcock, Bill Emerson, Doyle Lawson, Bill Yates, Jimmy Gaudreau and more shines through in everything this Tribute Band does, whether live on stage or on recordings such as this.

Tom Gray