photo - Russell Carson

Corrina Rose Logston

Bluegrass Fiddler


 Corrina Rose Logston

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Corrina Rose Logston - fiddle, vocals
Jeremy Stephens - guitar, vocals
Kurt Stephenson - banjo, vocals
Casey Campbell - mandolin
David McLaughlin - mandolin
P.J. George - bass


Laughing Boy * JC’s Hornpipe  *
Sandridge * I Don't Blame You *
Snowflake Breakdown  * Wilson's Hornpipe *
Charleston No. 1  * Smokey Mountain Rag  *
Junior Jump Waltz  * Honeycat Hornpipe  *
Foggy Mountain Top  * Soppin' the Gravy  *
Highlander's Farewell  * Whispering Hope


My first meeting with Corrina Rose Logston was when she came to Glenville WV in 2007 to check out our new bluegrass degree program at Glenville State College.  I had heard about her fiddling expertise from Megan Murphy, Dr. Megan Darby now, who is currently the director of that program.  It so happened that the two of them had grown up together musically, attending Bean Blossom every year.  I immediately arranged for a meeting  I was so impressed with her background, her playing and her professionalism that a few months later I asked her to join Ashley Messenger and me on a recording in tribute to Reno & Smiley!  Smartest thing I ever did!  Following that, and knowing she had studied with the great Jim Buchanan, I recommended her to Jesse McReynolds for an Illinois date I couldn't make and he was so impressed with her talent that now she's doing the Grand Ole Opry with him every week!  Am I proud of her?  You know it!

So, I just now put Corrina’s new CD on so I could listen as I wrote these notes.  Well the first tune came on and her notes sort of distracted me from my notes for a moment or two!  Am I surprised?  Not really.  I’ve come to expect the unexpected from Corrina over the past few years and boys, let me tell you…that right there is the genuine article!  Immediately, in this work, I was captivated by her depth of style, her feel for the traditional and her flare for human musicality.  In this album, which easily could be (but probably won’t yet be) her magnum opus, one can feel the emotion, the love of purpose and the straight-ahead, heart rendering warmth not found in many of the fiddle CDs flooding the market today.  (There.  I said it and I ain’t taking it back!)

Clearly, Corrina has studied the masters – Kenny Baker, Jimmy Buchanan, Howdy Forrester, Clark Kessinger, Buddy Spicher and a host of others, known and unknown. Then, suddenly (dramatic theatrical music stab right here) I heard a tune which made me think, “How did I miss that tune?  I need to learn that!”  So I called Corrina to see who wrote it.  It turns out that she wrote it.  I should have known.  Later in the CD, the same scenario repeats itself.  She contributed two masterful tunes to this recording, “Sandridge” and “Honeycat Hornpipe.”  Add to what I said in the last paragraph that she can also write fiddle tunes which can fool us into thinking they came from a master composer.  Well, they did!

I was about ready to wrap up the “fiddle CD” notes when – boom!  Another surprise!  Corrina’s fiddle was playing a somewhat familiar melody.  Then I heard this great singing!  Of course I knew she could sing, however, the selection of this song, correction, these two songs, the Cowboy Copas soul searcher“I Don’t Blame You” and the Carter Family classic “Foggy Mountain Top,” put the icing on the cake for this CD making it a total package.

 Since Corrina’s new CD is in your hand, slip it into your CD player and experience for yourself what I’ve been trying to tell you.  You’ll enjoy it!

- Buddy Griffin

Now comes Corrina Rose Logston. This young lady brought with her a love for music both instrumentally and vocally. This, her first instrumental work, defines a very straight forward and honest concept of bluegrass music as it was and is today. During her teen years, she studied the bluegrass masters and rehearsed playing fiddle tunes till she nailed it. Before graduating from Belmont University, she began planning her entrance into the world of professional music industry. Now living in Nashville, she has access to what she needs to realize her musical dreams. As you listen to this "work," just realize that it is just the beginning... 

- Jim (Jimmy) Buchanan