Patuxent Music is the creation of Tom Mindte (MSEE) a versatile musician, bandleader, and studio engineer whose musical abilities and tastes cover a wide variety of styles. The common denominator is authenticity, an attribute difficult to define but easy enough for the listener to hear. Whether it's a fiddler playing an old mountain hoedown, a bluesman singing "Key To The Highway" or a jazz combo playing Duke Ellington, the music is always real, always true to the style, always compelling to hear.

Those who record for Patuxent Music have unparalleled control over what material they will record, who the studio musicians will be, and how the mix should sound. This level of artistic freedom, all too rare nowadays,allows the music to flow freely and assures that the recording captures the artist in pure, undiluted form.

The Patuxent Music studio is state-of-the-art, assuring the highest quality sound and fidelity. The high-tech equipment serves a low-tech goal: voices and instruments should sound on a recording like they actually sound in person. So it’s as if you’re actually present, listening to and enjoying the music.

As you browse through this catalog, you can be sure that Patuxent Records offers only products that are authentic and true - acoustically and stylistically.